Superior Data Greenies, Sunday Walkon 11/16 & Clean Bunker

by Harry

Back in the 60's it was a metal box, fold out, with cantilever drawers. Most were painted tin, Flambeau had hammer finish aluminum box with plastic inserts that would melt your plastics. I still have some! In the 70's & 80's it was the same but with plastic cantilever boxes and then Plano comes out with their individual boxes, some of which neatly fit into the tackle box. in the 90's we get soft-sided bags that fit fit the individual boxes. After 2000 tackle envelopes in binders are all the rage.

Fishing Report After The Fog

Worked them and got 3 keepers and lots of throw backs. 25 to 19 feet of water as fish were running bait up the ledge. Made the decision to move to deep water and found birds not far but we couldn"t see them because of the fog.

Fishing Report Bubba

Next, walk-on for Sunday 11/16. With the temps falling this weekend dramatically it's time to hit the Eastern Shore for an attempt @ the big northern Bay Stripers. Gonna head N.E. above Plantation Light and soak some eels. Then heading back to the CBBT for some togs afterward.

Question Let's talk tackle boxes/tackle storage

for sale .. penn internationals 3 50 wide 2 speed..

Sad News had 2 sell my boat

I dont have a Plotter but if I did I'm sure my course would have made an awesome picture cause all I did was figure 8s.

Blues/albies Sunday?

Looking to take a few friends for some light tackle blues and albie hunting. Anybody been out recently¬ÖHas there been much in the way of bird activity to find them. Thanks.

Anyone Seeing a Lack of Does?

I got some footage of them on Saturday morning. I actually thought all but one were does and I thought I saw a weird glint off one buck's face as he trotted away.

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