Johnny Starts Up About New Video Flops

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26, 2014 in Hollywood, Calif. David Livingston/Getty Images Former "Happy Endings" and current "Benched" star Eliza Coupe is engaged!. The actress, 33, Thursday posted a picture with her new fiancé, Darin Olien, and a great shot of her gorgeous ring to Instagram , captioned, "Giving thanks." Giving Thanks. @darin_olien A photo posted by Eliza Coupe (@theelizacoupe) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:22pm PST She posted another photo, which looks like a family Thanksgiving moment, where everyone is smiling and celebrating the news. A photo posted by Eliza Coupe (@theelizacoupe) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:41pm PST Earlier in the day, Coupe shared funny, yet sweet sentiments about her man. "I am thankful to have found someone with bigger hands than my mammoth man mitts.

"This is a first." Kardashian, 30, admitted she had been "cooking for hours" and her treats look delicious. "Happy Thanksgiving my loves!! Good luck cooking and enjoy your loved ones.

62-Year-Old Mickey Rourke TKOs 29-Year-Old

The Oscar-nominated actor and icon, 51, recently told Details magazine that he is no longer worried about the perception of what makes a movie a hit. He opened up about recent films that have done less than what is expected of the "Prates of the Caribbean" star. Read: Johnny Depp Flaunts ‘Chick’s Ring,’ Indirectly Confirms Engagement "What is really satisfying is, like Marlon [Brando, one of his mentors and icons], getting to that place where he just didn't give a f---," Depp told the magazine. "First, I reached a point where I cared so much and was so diligent in terms of approaching the work. Then you get to where you care so f----- much that it gets g------ beleaguering, you know? But then a great thing happens.

Watch the First Trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

The bout at a Moscow concert hall was Rourke's first fight in 20 years. He took a break from acting in the early 1990s, finishing a three-year pro boxing career with six wins and two draws. He hinted that the return to the ring has helped him cope with unspecified personal issues. "I've got some things going on in my life so that (boxing has) sort of saved me from myself," Rourke told Russian TV.

Inside Khloe Kardashian's First Thanksgiving Hosting at Her Home

In addition to the 30 select theaters that were picked to air the first trailer for " Star Wars : The Force Awakens," the 88-second clip was also released today on iTunes Trailers and the official Star Wars YouTube channel. The clip opens to a chilling voice-over saying "There's been an awakening, have you felt it?" Then, things really kick into high gear with Storm Troopers, fighters and a new character that looks to be a villain from the "dark side" with a new kind of lightsaber. Finally, the iconic music breaks in toward the end as we get our first look at the Millennium Falcon! Watch it now! The official title for the seventh "Star Wars" film was just released earlier this month and the full movie is set to hit theaters Dec.

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